Noocat City

    Residential building "NOOCAT CITY" - was created as an innovative project in the very center of Nookat.

    Project Start 2018 Address Ноокат

    Residential building “NOOCAT CITY” - was created as an innovative project in the very center of Nookat. It was created for those who want to always be in the center of events and at the same time are looking for a quiet place to live and relax. Within walking distance from the House are all the iconic places of the city, such as administrative institutions, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping centers, bazaars, etc.

    The construction of the building of the house is monolithic-frame with brick filling with insulated basalt fiber slabs.

    The combined facade of natural stones with hand processing, wrought iron railing of windows and French balconies gives the house a presentable look.

    The territory of the complex is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. Each tenant has his own individual electronic key with a personal identifier, if desired, he can receive a summary: who and when used his right to access the protected area of ​​the house.

    The entrance to the house is carried out through a single entrance group with a concierge, a comfortable waiting area and security. The entire territory of the house (entrances, courtyard, parking) is under video surveillance, all information is displayed on a monitor in a 24-hour control center.

    The courtyard is free of cars, only temporary parking is allowed for a period of no more than 30 minutes under the supervision of guards (with the exception of special services - ambulance, police, firefighters).

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